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Batteries & modules powering the global energy transformation.

Australian power storage solutions for remote and challenging environments.

Reliable and safe power with local expertise and support.

Our Australian made batteries are currently scheduled for initial operational testing and delivery in 2023.

Sustainable, ethical, low carbon and alternative battery supply chain.

Continuing the development of AMTE Power PLC's market-leading battery technologies, Bardan Cells focuses on manufacturing advanced new batteries, packs, modules and remote & transportable power, or 'Power on Wheels' for utilities, mining & resources, defence, and agricultural customers. 

We're on a mission to be Australia’s leading provider of premium quality batteries and modules designed for remote and extreme conditions for defence and stationary storage applications. Our products are Australian manufactured using sovereign, sustainable, ethical, Net Zero Carbon and alternative battery supply chains.

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Bardan focuses on niche markets in the energy sector.

Although based in the UK and Australia, our focus is global and we aim to work with customers around the world, from stand-alone systems and microgrids and defence to packs and modules.

Bardan works with Lithium Valley, leading universities, research establishments and innovators to develop new intellectual property for power storage in the energy storage, transport and defence sectors.  

Bardan means Spirit in our local Noongar language (Kaartdijin Noongar).

Founded in 2020, Bardan Cells is a collaboration between AMTE Power PLC (UK) and InfraNomics (Australia) to develop power storage solutions for the global transformation of energy.

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Farmers Harvesting Crops

A new way to think about batteries.

Bardan Cells is launching a series of next-generation batteries with new chemistries, cell structures and designs that are designed to safely provide superior performance in the harshest of environments.


We aim to incorporate the most advanced technologies from around the world into products we are proud of that maximise local materials, design, manufacturing, specifications and ideas.  

Bardan is always in development of future products and technologies through the pursuit of perfection. As some of our products are in development, they are not available for the general market at this time.


Battery cells manufacturing is the crucial step towards a sovereign supply chain for power storage and this is the keystone for the global transition from fossil fuels to greater renewable power generation. Our Net Zero Carbon batteries aim to reduce energy generation emissions not only in Australia but also in our export markets.

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Bardan is a member of Curtin University Resources Technology and Critical Minerals Trailblazer hub, Core Innovation Hub, Lithium Valley and the European Battery Alliance. 

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