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Introducing Bardan's Next Generation Cells.

Our mission is to provide complete power storage solutions for logistics, utilities, mining & resources, defence, and agricultural customers. 


A new way to think about batteries.

Bardan incorporates technologies, equipment and software from around the world to provide complete energy solutions for customers and clients.  

Our flagship product - 40 Ah Cell

An example of the battery portfolio Bardan has access to with AMTE is the 40Ah cell. It is a high performance, inherently safe and cost-effective battery solution for key applications, including transportation, energy storage, backup power and energy in remote locations.


The key element to this chemistry is the fact that it has a safer thermal structure, now fast becoming a key factor to its predicted success, along with its ability to operate in a broad temperature range, and it is safe to transport. 

40 ah battery specification.png

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