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Introducing Bardan's Next Generation Cells.

We're on a mission to be Australia’s leading provider of premium quality batteries and modules designed for remote and extreme conditions for defence and stationary storage applications.


A new way to think about batteries.

Bardan Cells is on track to launch a series of next-generation batteries with new chemistries, cell structures and designs that are designed to safely provide superior performance in the harshest of environments.


These next-generation products are developed to support markets where power, safety and challenging environments need new battery chemistries and cell performance.


Our technical development and engineering excellence allow us to provide cells for the most challenging applications. 

Our flagship product - 40 Ah Cell

Our new 40Ah cell scheduled for initial operational testing and delivery in 2023 will deliver a high performance, inherently safe and cost-effective battery solution for key applications, including transportation, energy storage, backup power and energy in remote locations.


The key element to this chemistry is the fact that it has a safer thermal structure, now fast becoming a key factor to its predicted success, along with its ability to operate in a broad temperature range, and it is safe to transport. 

40 ah battery specification.png

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