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World-class expertise in battery research & manufacturing.

Each of our premium quality batteries and modules is Australian manufactured using sovereign, sustainable, ethical, Net Zero Carbon and alternative battery supply chains.

As these are new industries, we believe the best approach is to focus on sourcing staff and specialists from universities then training them while providing opportunities to develop and grow. 

Trained and skilled people are essential to enable the energy transition in Australia and to enable our modern manufacturing drive. We urgently need a trained workforce to be able to translate technical outcomes and innovations into real life solutions that support business growth. A sustainable business need to focus on commercial outcomes. 

Image by Shane Rounce
Image by Biel Morro

Our Technology

Our focus is reliable power, safe power at a low cost and our technology is focused this way. Although we focus on lithium iron phosphate batteries or LFP battery (lithium ferrophosphate) (LiFePO4) there are many different versions depending on the quality of the raw materials, the various combinations of the ingredients, the manufacturing process and the Formation and Testing procedures. 

This means that every cell is slightly different and has its own personality. Our own Australian designed and made dynamic Battery Management System balances each individual cell to maximise performance and safety over the battery's lifespan. 

We provide a package solution of servicing, testing, installation, operations and maintenance, recycling and finance.

Our premium batteries are for companies and organisations that value reliable, safe and problem free power storage solutions.

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