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Robots and Drones at Hannover Messe 2022, Germany

The Bardan Cells team visited Hannover Messe 2022 in Germany this week. This event is the leading knowledge and networking platform for the manufacturing and energy industries in Europe. From AI and robotics to automation, industrial software to batteries and fuel cells.

Simon Chan (Technical Director), Colleen Yates, Gwen Cohen (Directors), Joel Chan, and Cameron Edwards (Founder and Director).

The event this year had a strong focus on electrical components, digitalisation, hydrogen, and sovereign investment. Key takeaways were sovereign/reshoring production, cloud-based data platforms/manufacturing and the convergence of industrial/global generic software. Unfortunately demand outstrips supply in many of the key technology fields.

The star of the show were the silent biomimicry drones above and the robots below.

Australia is currently years ahead of Europe relating to the application of grid stationary power storage. Both Europe and Australia are dependent on Asian cells, and it is difficult to see how this can change in the short to medium term.

At Bardan Cells, it's our mission to launch a series of next-generation batteries that are locally made in Western Australia and we are currently setting up our microfactory in the south of Perth. Using local lithium our batteries will feature new chemistries, cell structures and designs that are designed to safely provide superior performance in the harshest of environments. The Australian industry will have an alternative to buying overseas cells.

We aim to incorporate the most advanced technologies from around the world into our products, which is why we are visiting technology events all over the world so we can learn from others and strongly position ourselves as a leader in the Australian lithium cells market.

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